Why Do We Create The 12 Month Goals Worksheet?


This 12 Month Goals Worksheet Can Be a Great Indicator of Who You Want to Be & What You Really Want to Accomplish.
We Are Creating, With Your Open Mind, a Specific Blueprint to Guide Your Steps Toward Greatness.
Your Results Will Guide Your Productivity, Motivation, and Time Frame to Accomplish Your Goals!
This Will Ensure a View Into The Future “You” and The Ideal Life You Planned Out.

Be Honest and Open to Your Inner Thoughts and Answer Each Question Completely!
Be Unbelievably Specific, Nothing General, Paint a Bold & Clear Mental Picture!
Describe Small Details That You Want to See Happen in Your Life and Business,

(1).What Kind of Work Will You Be Doing?

  • Office Job?
  • In The Sales Field?
  • Industrial?
  • Job Site?
  • Specialty?

(2).What Clients/Customers Will Be Paying You?

  • What Kind of Clients/Customers Are These? Will They Be For Consulting, Sales, Coaching or Other?
  • What Industry, What Size Company, How Much Annual Revenue Do They Make?
  • Who Will Your Company Contact Be? HR, Sales, Operations Marketing?

(3).What Kind of Profits Will You be Making?

  • Flat Rate?
  • Hourly Rate?
  • Monthly basis?
  • Yearly?
  • How Will You Use This Earned Revenue? Make Sure You Answer This Question Very Specifcally!

(4). What is The Location of Your New Workplace?

  • Elaborate on The Specifics of the Location………Setting, Sounds, View, Smells
  • Do You Commute Yes/No
  • How Long is Your Commute if You Do?
  • Are You Traveling by Car, Train, or Bus? Can You listen to podcasts, Audio Books, Personal Develpoment ?
  • Home Office, Kitchen Table, Coffee Shop?

(5). How Much Time Do You Want to Work?

  • Hourly
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Yearly

(6).Visualize What Your Mondays Look like?

  • What Do Your Saturdays Look Like?
  • Will You be Working Sundays or Will That be Family And/Or Your Personal time?

(7).Who Will Know Your Name in Your Industry?

  • Will You Be an Industry Leader or Just Part of the Average Crowd in Your Peer Group?
  • Do You Have Any Published Works Such as Books, or Hired For Speaking Engagements?

(8).Who Will You be Having Lunches With?

  • Where Will You do Lunches?
  • In An Office, Off the Street Cart, or a Fine Restaurant?
  • Will You Discuss Business During Lunches?

(9) What Kind of Reputation Will You Have With Your Family and Friends?

Reflect on What You Do and Its Impact on Society, Nature, Or Humanity

Will Other People Want to Be You?………...

(10) DO YOU WANT TO BE YOU?……………

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