Choosing a Great Domain Name for your Online Business can be tough! It is easy to get caught up wasting time, thinking too much without action, and getting off track. DOWNLOAD FREE PDF VERSION HERE


Brainstorm 20-25 business names & narrow down your list to top 5-10. Find the names using Relative Keywords you are most interested in & toss the rest. Use our worksheet on the FREE downloadable PDF link above to log in your choices.


Here is an Optional Step that can give you more ideas and reveal more domain names potentially available through a strategy adding words before & after main words

One example: Maybe you came up with a brand name like “Master.” Let’s assume your niche topic is Website Design. You could append the word “Websites” to that brand. Now it could be “Website Masters” or “Master Websites”                               

Or, maybe you’re in the Fitness Niche and your brand idea was “Epic Fitness.” You could append “Xtreme” to that name and now it could be called “Epic Xtreme Fitness.” Also try visiting @leandomainsearch to further explore more options by adding recommended words to your search. Example: for “Epic Fitness” You could try:  “Epic Fitness Blog,” “The Epic Fitness,” or “Go Epic Fitness.” 


With this case: the “Epic Fitness Blog” domain choice was taken. This is why you have a list of multiple potential ideas to substitute so you still succeed.                                    

Note: will offer suggestive names that are available to purchase. They recommend different domain extensions other than .com domains if you are 100% set on that specific name.                                                                 

*For Best Results it is ideal to go with a .COM domain extension.

*Here are a few final tips to select your Online Business Domain Name:

*Try to choose something Easy to remember.

*The Shorter, the domain name, the better.

*Careful using Numbers spelling the domain, Numbers can make Spelling confusing.

*Intentional Spelling Changes of words can make your domain hard to find.

*Last step……and most exciting….Buy Your New Domain!

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“You know it’s time to sell when shoeshine boys give you stock tips”

This is a famous quote in the stock market. It means when everyone’s talking about a subject; then it becomes too popular for its own good.

I knew I should’ve sold Crypto when my uber drivers and barber started talking about their portfolio. Everything crashed a week later!

This can happen in internet marketing.

You’re looking for an e-commerce product to promote.

Your favorite eCom YouTuber is recommending a hot product for you to promote. Guess what? It’s too late and saturated.

People identified it was hot months before, and already milked the profit. And now you’re getting the scraps.

You can still make money, of course, but why would you want to face an uphill battle?

If you’re short on time and cash, why would you jump into a red ocean of sharks?

Why not look for blue oceans instead? Continue reading article HERE

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Why Do We Create The 12 Month Goals Worksheet?


This 12 Month Goals Worksheet Can Be a Great Indicator of Who You Want to Be & What You Really Want to Accomplish.
We Are Creating, With Your Open Mind, a Specific Blueprint to Guide Your Steps Toward Greatness.
Your Results Will Guide Your Productivity, Motivation, and Time Frame to Accomplish Your Goals!
This Will Ensure a View Into The Future “You” and The Ideal Life You Planned Out.

Be Honest and Open to Your Inner Thoughts and Answer Each Question Completely!
Be Unbelievably Specific, Nothing General, Paint a Bold & Clear Mental Picture!
Describe Small Details That You Want to See Happen in Your Life and Business,

(1).What Kind of Work Will You Be Doing?

  • Office Job?
  • In The Sales Field?
  • Industrial?
  • Job Site?
  • Specialty?

(2).What Clients/Customers Will Be Paying You?

  • What Kind of Clients/Customers Are These? Will They Be For Consulting, Sales, Coaching or Other?
  • What Industry, What Size Company, How Much Annual Revenue Do They Make?
  • Who Will Your Company Contact Be? HR, Sales, Operations Marketing?

(3).What Kind of Profits Will You be Making?

  • Flat Rate?
  • Hourly Rate?
  • Monthly basis?
  • Yearly?
  • How Will You Use This Earned Revenue? Make Sure You Answer This Question Very Specifcally!

(4). What is The Location of Your New Workplace?

  • Elaborate on The Specifics of the Location………Setting, Sounds, View, Smells
  • Do You Commute Yes/No
  • How Long is Your Commute if You Do?
  • Are You Traveling by Car, Train, or Bus? Can You listen to podcasts, Audio Books, Personal Develpoment ?
  • Home Office, Kitchen Table, Coffee Shop?

(5). How Much Time Do You Want to Work?

  • Hourly
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Yearly

(6).Visualize What Your Mondays Look like?

  • What Do Your Saturdays Look Like?
  • Will You be Working Sundays or Will That be Family And/Or Your Personal time?

(7).Who Will Know Your Name in Your Industry?

  • Will You Be an Industry Leader or Just Part of the Average Crowd in Your Peer Group?
  • Do You Have Any Published Works Such as Books, or Hired For Speaking Engagements?

(8).Who Will You be Having Lunches With?

  • Where Will You do Lunches?
  • In An Office, Off the Street Cart, or a Fine Restaurant?
  • Will You Discuss Business During Lunches?

(9) What Kind of Reputation Will You Have With Your Family and Friends?

Reflect on What You Do and Its Impact on Society, Nature, Or Humanity

Will Other People Want to Be You?………...

(10) DO YOU WANT TO BE YOU?……………

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How to Choose a Profitable Niche/Industry Market!

Research Your Personal Interests by Asking Yourself the Following Questions:
1. What Niches do You Purchase Products In?
2. What E-Books, Hardcover Books, and Magazines do You Read?
3. What Websites Do You Regularly Visit?
4. What Is Your Strongest Passion & Interests?
5. What Hobbies Do You Participate In?
6. What Would Be A Dream Topic That You Would Love to Build A Business In?
7. Identify Major Problems You can Solve!

Lets Create A List of Developed Skills, Strengths, & Knowledge That You Possess.
Scale Down Your List of Ideas to Your Top 5 Favorites.
Next Lets Test The Profitability Factor of Your Big Idea!
Search Google For Each of Your Keywords Including the Following Items:

Your “Keyword E-Book
Your “Keyword Magazines
Your “Keyword Podcasts
Your “Keyword Courses
Your “Keyword Products
Your “Keyword Coaching
Your“Keyword Seminar
Your“Keyword Webinar
Your“Keyword Event

Log In Detailed Notes on the Products & Offers You Find and How They are Marketed
From This Detailed Data You Should Be Able to Determine Which Niche Fits You Best!

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I hope this helps all of You that get stuck trying to be perfect before we launch!
From Michael Kwan at blog

“It doesn’t need to be perfect. It just needs to be good enough. And each time you do something or put out something that’s good enough, over time, what you consider to be “good enough” will be that much better!

Your standards, will naturally elevate, because the expected norm has gone up with it.”
Read more about this very informative article below!

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Mindset is Key to being successful in Your Entrepreneurial Journey. Your Mindset Drives Your Behavior. If you are able to manifest or unlock Your true personal power, You will achieve Your goals. Start with converting a concept such as, The dream of starting a Pet Grooming Business. and converting it into reality. We need to analyze Your daydreams & brilliant ideas, while creating a strategy to turn those into a product or service, that produces revenue or income for You via Your Business.

Do You ever catch Yourself having that talk…… You know the one? Self: “Lets get up and take control of this life and achieve what we are meant to do in this world.” That is Your inner conscience guiding You to Your destiny because You are scared, uncertain, or unsure of Yourself to take action. This is known as Manifestation of One’s Self, by taking charge of Your life’s purpose and Mastering Your Own Domain.

How is this achieved…. it is achieved through Change. The easiest way to execute change in Your life, and Master Your Domain, is through small bite size steps or “Nudges.” Start off by worrying less, talking less, and being more observant. The key to driving this behavior begins with Your Personal Power, it can only take place if YOU make the decision to Change!

Lets not sugarcoat this, Change is not always easy and, sometimes You are going to be at odds with Yourself; actually fighting to stay the same un-productive state of existence. Everyone has fear of the unknown but, we must be able to weaponize our mind against being in utter paralysis, lets call it Lockup There are several strategies to combat this “Lockup” such as Meditation and S.M.A.R.T. Goals

With Meditation. we can clear our mind from the daily distractions such as sounds, lights, and non-productive behavior like social media or reading E-mails. This allows us to purge that “Noise” out of our minds and focus on positive thoughts while visualizing our success to the most detailed degree through total clarity. Once we can achieve Clarity, our creative mind will be able to flow & pull those subconscious ideas out to our conscious mind.

S.M.A.R.T. Goals are a strategy used to implement those small “Nudges” we talked about previously to enact the change needed to succeed. S.M.A.R.T. or Short– quick and easy tasks, Measurable– Our ability to Measure success or failure, Attainable– Our ability to accomplish goals at our current skill level, Realistic based on Your physical ability with your own effort, Time. or Financial Resources & Time Based– Ask Yourself Do You have enough time to complete this task?

With these and many other strategies we can get our Mindset healthy and prepared for the challenging journey ahead. involving the biggest change we make in our life. Becoming a Business Owner. If You have read this far, I think and Your Inner Mind believes, You are ready to get started today using Your Mindset to Drive Your Behavior!

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